In a significant development, the UK Digital, Culture and Sports Committee has invited the CEO and founder of the Facebook Mark Zuckerberg to answer 39 questions related to the inquiry into the fake news on May 11. The committee informed that Mike Schroepfer had failed to answer 40 points and the committee was very disappointed. Here are  39 unanswered questions which the Facebook told to answer. Unanswered questions/points for follow up from Mike Schroepfer 1 What is the percentage of sites on the internet on which Facebook tracks users? 2 Did the Internet Research Agency use custom audiences? What targeting tools did the IRA useRead More →

  If trees could talk, they’d have so much to tell: The story of two broken hearts, that stolen first kiss, those last words of a mother to her son, endless cups of tea and never-ending chatter, of nostalgia, an act of brutality and a tale of passion. In this collection of short stories, The Trees Told Me So, Purva Grover draws a beautiful and poignant picture of love, life and loss, with an honest voice. And the common thread running through the stories is that nature (Read: A tree) stands witness like an old soul — full of wisdom and compassion. A silent observer, a keeperRead More →

By Chanakya Grover “Your science should have been able to protect this earth,” says Bhabanath to Nripen, while counting down a meteor crash that’s supposed to wipe out Earth. “How can it be a river if there is no water?” asks Prabha, before embarking on the construction of a river in a desert; a river that would get wiped off by a gust of wind just a few minutes later. Both of the abovementioned instances highlight the inherent impermanence of the world we inhabit and our perception of it, and it is only fitting that they find mention in the last as well as theRead More →

The Supreme Court has given the green signal for an all-India release of the controversial movie ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ based on life and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev on April 13. The court has also criticised the SGPC for putting hurdles in the release of the movie while acting petition moved by a retired Naval officer and the producer of the movie S Sikka. He has approached the apex court seeking protection of the Fundamental Right of speech, expression and the propagation of religious views. The CBFC had cleared the movie on March 28. But later in the evening, the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder SinghRead More →

Hearing of bail plea moved by Salman Khan in Blackbuck poaching case might get delayed today as the Jodhpur District and Sessions Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi was transferred late night. The Rajasthan High Court transferred Sessions Judge Joshi along with 87 others judges. Salman Khan’s bail plea on Friday was adjourned for Saturday by the Jodhpur court. The court has summoned all the records related to Salman Khan’s conviction case after hearing arguments of the Public Prosecutor Koka Ram Bishnoi. Bishnoi argued that Salman Khan was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment because of serious nature of the crime and there are all relevant evidence and witnessesRead More →

It was ecstasy when I witnessed a herd of blackbucks. As I made an attempt to move closer, they immediately disappeared such was their speed. I was stranger to them same as my other colleagues include senior cameraman and driver. These protected wild animals were also seems to be annoyed with an entry of our vehicles in their natural abode. So we all were not welcome there immediately. But later as we spend much time, blackbucks seems to have approved our presence and allowed us to get their footage. I witnessed a good glimpse of a herd of blackbucks roaming freely in the fields, running in openRead More →