Rape of Mountains Heavy rainfall in Himachal Pradesh has exposed the state government preparedness to deal with the serious situation like heavy rainfall in last 48 hours.  The disaster management seems to be an alien concept during the crisis here. The unplanned construction all along the roads on the national,  state highways and  internal roads in the state is one of the main reason for the much damages in the state. The construction, carpeting and widening of the roads are very important for the development of the people of the state, but the way it’s happening is beyond repairs. We all have to work seriously toRead More →

Special Series- Part-1- Role of Media It was always there for years but behind the scene. The elections in India are like Diwali festival for many media organizations. The situation has deteriorated to extent that during elections there are media organizations which use all its resources to earn money by any means. These organizations not only involve marketing, advertisement departments but also assigned reporters in each district a task to generate revenue by sacrificing all ethics and by using illegal means. In such situation, people are left helpless to consume manufactured content by political parties, corporate houses through media at many times. The political partiesRead More →

Special Series: “Suniye Mukhyamantri Ji”- Part-2 Kasauli/Solan, May 14 The state has witnessed a number of heinous crimes including murder, rape and accidents recently. But it does not seem to be making any difference for the administration and police to take some serious measures. The situation is deteriorated to the extent that many places along the national highway and internal roads are considered to be far granted for locals and tourist for consumption of liquor. This not all, men can be seen creating a ruckus on public places under the influence of liquor and even indulging in incidents of eve-teasing. They even do not mindRead More →

Special Series: “Suniye Mukhyamantri Ji”…Part-1 Kasauli/Solan, May 13 “It’s very painful to see your mother suffering due to acute shortage of water. We all are helpless to consume contaminated from a hand pump and fearing serious threat of damage of liver, heart, and pancreas. She spends four hours every day to fetch water for us” said a 16-year-old Akshay Kumar of Kasauli. But he is not alone worrying about his mother, shortage of water is a serious issue for people living in rural and urban areas of Kasauli and Solan districts of Himachal Pradesh. Women are in much poor and miserable conditions in various partsRead More →

It was ecstasy when I witnessed a herd of blackbucks. As I made an attempt to move closer, they immediately disappeared such was their speed. I was stranger to them same as my other colleagues include senior cameraman and driver. These protected wild animals were also seems to be annoyed with an entry of our vehicles in their natural abode. So we all were not welcome there immediately. But later as we spend much time, blackbucks seems to have approved our presence and allowed us to get their footage. I witnessed a good glimpse of a herd of blackbucks roaming freely in the fields, running in openRead More →

How many Facebook users have an idea that their each like is so much matter for companies dealing with data collection for elections purpose. First-time documentary evidence reveals the Strategic Communication Laboratories(SCL)  even uses “Facebook Likes” data of users to influence 2016 US elections for US President Donald Trump. As per the documents submitted by the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wiley to the UK MPs committee probing the case revealed that to infer psychological profiles, self-report personality test data, political party preference and moral value data are collected. After data is collected, models are built using psychometric techniques which use Facebook likes to predict people’sRead More →

Considered to be set back for the US President Donald Trump, his former campaign official Rick Gates was today pleaded guilty of two counts including hatching conspiracy against the United States and also of making false statements. Rick Gates had served as a political consultant and lobbyist between 2015 and 2016. He along with the former Trump campaign chairman Paul J Manafort acted as unregistered agents for the government of Ukraine. They generated tens of millions of dollars income as a result of their Ukraine work. Rick Gates is the third former Trump associate who has admitted guilt in the FBI Special Counsel Robert S Mueller’sRead More →

Special Series Part-5:  After Russian agents deleted their digital records, Facebook provides vital details of Russian agents expenditures on its platforms to fund political and social advertisements to favour President Donald Trump to authorities investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election case, reveals Robert S Mueller’s Indictment, writes Kiran Deep. This is Part-5 of Special Series “Robert S Mueller’s Indictment expose on use of social media by Russians to influence US 2016 elections” by The News Freedom www.thenewsfreedom.com In September 2017, the US social media companies, starting with Facebook, publicly reported that they had identified Russian expenditures on their platformsRead More →