The Bhakra Beas Management Board(BBMB) today informed that it has successfully carried out the flushing operation of sediments deposited in reservoir of Pandoh Dam. This flushing operation would restore water storage capacity of reservoir and in turn would also reduce the silt entering into the balancing reservoir at Sundernagar. The BBMB  the Chairman, D.K. Sharma,  supervised the whole operation with his team on 13th and 14th August. The sediments get accumulated at the bottom of the reservoir due to the inflow of rainwater into the reservoir dam and reduce its storage capacity. The warning was issued for people living in the downstream of the dam before carrying outRead More →

Vinod Kumar Gupta Chandigarh, August 7 The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) was able to meet the power requirement and peak demand of the state this year as it had managed to arrange power from other sources despite the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) shortage projections, claimed the PSPCL CMD Baldev Singh Sran today. Giving details the PSPCL CMD Sran said that the PSPCL met record maximum ever demand of 12542 MW on July 24  and also supplied record 2,749 lakh units on August 4 despite a shortfall in availability of hydro power in the state. The Central Electricity Authority in its load generation balancing report (LGBR) for the year 2018-19 has projected that PunjabRead More →

Chandigarh, July 30 In a bid to give a fillip to the IT and ITES industry, the Punjab Cabinet on Monday approved the allotment of another site of 40 acres in SAS Nagar (Mohali) IT City for setting up a world-class technology university which would offer degrees in IT and Computer Components. To ensure transparency and fairness in the allotment process, the proposal shall be called from the open market by providing wide publicity, whereby the applicants may pay as per the policy for allotment of land to University. Such proposals shall be scrutinized meticulously, as per the laid down procedure in the referred Policy, byRead More →

After Delhi, Punjab and Chandigarh, dust storm today hit parts of HImachal Pradesh. These photos capture in Hamirpur district of HImachal Pradesh near Jahu. The dust storm said to be originated from Rajasthan. Meanwhile Punjab Pollution Control Board has issued a special advisory for people to take precautions.Here are photographs and special advisory issues by Punjab Pollution.   Please follow and like us:Read More →

A J Philip is a senior journalist and columnist. He has held high editorial posts in The Tribune, the Indian Express and the Hindustan Times. He writes regularly for the Indian Currents, the Oman Tribune and the New Indian Express. Iddli was, is and will be one of my favourite dishes. Combined with sambar and coconut chutney, it can compete with any breakfast anywhere in the world for its simplicity, easy digestibility, nutritional value and taste. This being the case, I was simply fascinated by the subject of the lecture, “Thermodynamics of Iddli”. The lecture was organised by the Physics Department of St. Thomas College,Read More →

Many soldiers returning from combat bear visible scars, or even lost limbs, caused by blasts from improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. However, some servicemen also return with debilitating hidden injuries — the loss of all or part of their genitals. Now, the Johns Hopkins reconstructive surgery team has successfully performed the first total penis and scrotum transplant in the world. A team of nine plastic surgeons and two urological surgeons was involved in the 14-hour surgery on March 26. They transplanted from a deceased donor the entire penis, scrotum (without testicles) and partial abdominal wall. This type of transplant, where a body part or tissueRead More →

The time when we are even unable to reveal the mysteries of our Universe, the greatest scientist Stephen Hawking disclosed just before his death that a number of Universes do exist. The information was shared by Hawking’s colleague who is a co-author of the Research paper. Giving details about the research paper that Stephan Hawking submitted just two weeks before his death, the UK based The Sunday reports today that “The research, submitted two weeks ago, sets out the maths needed for a space probe to find experimental evidence for the existence of a “multiverse”. This is the idea that our cosmos is only oneRead More →

The greatest scientist Stephen Hawking who known for solving the mysteries of Universe and galaxies had admitted that women’s were a mystery to him. Hawking, who was the former Lucasian professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, had admitted that he spent most of the day thinking about women. “They are,” he said “a complete mystery.” in an interview to The Guardian on January 4, 2012. Greatest scientist Stephen Hawking died at his home in Cambridge today. Hawking’s children, Lucy, Robert and Tim informed in a statement said that “We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today”. Another strange fact about Hawking wasRead More →

Stephen Hawking was just 22 when after being diagnosed with a rare form of motor neuron disease in 1964, he was told that he had just two and half years to live. But because of strong willpower he lived until the age of  76 years old and did extraordinary things. He was considered as brilliant as Albert Einstein. Hawking was much famous for his work on “Black Holes” and his book “Brief History of Time”. Hollywood movie “The Theory of Everything” was based on Hawking ’s struggle and unparallel achievements. Today Stephen Hawking ’s family informed that he died at his home in Cambridge. Hawking’s children, Lucy, RobertRead More →

Much of the damages have already been done to the rivers and seasonal rivulets due to the unscientific and illegal mining of sand and stone in the past. This will continue until the state must adopt serious measures and special allocation of funds to ensure serious action against all those involved in this crime. It is open secret in Haryana who all are behind the unscientific mining and illegal mining in Yamuna and Ghaggar.  If go by the records, the state government is  spending crores of rupees every year to save the people from flood like situation in low lying areas along Yamuna and otherRead More →