If we go by the records of the region, 0.33 percent of schools are in poor conditions while 4.49 percent of classrooms require a major repair in Haryana, 0.12 schools are in a dilapidated condition in Himachal while 8.52 percent of classrooms require major repairs, 0.12 percent of schools in Punjab and 2.99 percent of classrooms are needed a major maintenance and in Chandigarh 0.74 percent of classrooms requires a major maintenance.

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  A.J. Philip When I reached Bombay in search of a job in early 1973, my uncle who worked at Ayakar Bhavan, near Churchgate, advised me to learn stenography and typing. “Since your English is good, sky is the limit for you if you learn stenography”, he advised. There was an element of truth in what he said. Those days, job opportunities were plenty for those who knew shorthand and typing. With no disrespect to any stenographer, let me say that I had developed an aversion to stenography. I had no clue at that time that I would eventually become a journalist. Even today, shorthandRead More →

There is urgent need to construct Dam on Yamuna as the water level of the Yamuna depends on the inflow of seasonal rivulets and tributaries of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, which converges in the Yamuna at the Hathnikund barrage situated in Yamunanagar district of Haryana. People living in low lying areas in Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi have to face a tough time due to an overflow of water in Yamuna during monsoon almost every year in the absence of any Dam. The Hathnikund barrage has 18 floodgates to channelise the water in downstream. The overflow of water in Yamuna is always cause of concernRead More →

By Vinod Gupta Chandigarh, June 25 The maximum power demand in Punjab and Haryana touched a new peak this year breaking records for maximum power demand of previous years. The power consumption in Punjab touched 11973 MW highest in this season in the morning today. The maximum demand for power recorded during 2017 was 11,705 MW in July. Similarly, the power demand in Haryana touched a new high of 9954 MW and the maximum power demand met last year was 9440 MW on July 15. The rise in power consumption has attributed to paddy plantation and rise in temperature in both the state. The government has advisedRead More →

A.J Philip Divorce in Srinagar Marriage of convenience AJ Philip One good thing about the BJP is that they do everything in the national interest. Three years ago, they formed a government in Jammu and Kashmir in collaboration with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). The two parties had nothing in common. Yet, they came together in the national interest. On June 19, they got separated, again, in the national interest. Remember Prime Minister Narendra Modi sanctioning a surgical strike against Pakistan in the national interest! It was the same Modi who broke protocol and called on the then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at hisRead More →

A.J Philip In the eighties, I bought a second-hand Fiat car. It was a very good car, except that it often broke down on the road. Most of the time, it required just a push or, sometimes, a bottle of petrol. Who would push the car? Nobody driving a car would stop to help another car owner. If you have in the past stopped your car and helped someone like me, please excuse me. In my case, it was invariably a poor man who would come forward to help me. One day, I asked one such person, whether he had ever travelled in a car.Read More →

Special series: Rape of river-part-3: Sutlej and Beas have become dumping ground for plastic waste for the Industrialists, locals, and tourists in Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in the absence of care and protection. As people love rivers but without any responsibility. The situation is serious as floating plastic in rivers is a major cause of degradation of water quality. The leachate is contaminating the ground, surface water and we all responsible for it.  It requires serious efforts by both the states as well as by the central government to make these rivers pollution free for future generation. Besides the government and Industry, the locals andRead More →

Rape of the river-part-2 The quality of the Sutlej water has deteriorated to the extent that when it reaches the Harike bird sanctuary its water turns black and unfit for human consumption. Sutlej originates from the southern slopes of the holy mountain Kailash, near the lake of Mansarovar while Beas from Rohtang Pass of Himalayas in the central Himachal Pradesh. The bird sanctuary is actually a place where you can witness the confluence of river Beas with river Sutlej. The level of pollution can easily be evaluated from the colour of both the rivers. The bird sanctuary situated at Harike in Ferozepur district of Punjab is home to more thanRead More →

Rape of River-part-1 Beas river passing through the state is crying for help after badly ruined by the discharge of molasses by Chadha Sugar Mill. All this happened as protection of rivers, seasonal rivulets, groundwater, wetlands seems to be a distant dream in Punjab. Just assurance by the Punjab CM will not serve any purpose. It requires strong action by the state and central government to protect and conserve flora and fauna. There is nothing for granted, the groundwater in the state already in a serious state due to over exploitation and discharge of pollution into it. As per the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB)Read More →

Jammu and Kashmir sex scandal has highlighted a complete failure of the system where a minor girl was raped, blackmailed, and forced into flesh trade. She was not alone when the case came to limelight. Despite all odds and threat to her life, she stood by her statement made to the CBI, but other three victims have turned hostile in the case. The sex scandal which came to limelight in 2016 had exposed one of the heinous crimes where the girls were blackmailed, forced into prostitution and supplied to politicians, senior police officials, bureaucrats and surrendered militant for Rs 250 to Rs 500 in return. TheRead More →