Special Series: Why there is no check on liquor consumption in public places and drunken driving during day despite rise of crime in Himachal, writes Kiran Deep

Special Series: Why there is no check on liquor consumption in public places and drunken driving during day despite rise of crime in Himachal, writes Kiran Deep

Special Series: “Suniye Mukhyamantri Ji”- Part-2

Kasauli/Solan, May 14

The state has witnessed a number of heinous crimes including murder, rape and accidents recently. But it does not seem to be making any difference for the administration and police to take some serious measures. The situation is deteriorated to the extent that many places along the national highway and internal roads are considered to be far granted for locals and tourist for consumption of liquor. This not all, men can be seen creating a ruckus on public places under the influence of liquor and even indulging in incidents of eve-teasing. They even do not mind urinating in public places without giving any thought about people visits there along with their family members. All these incident are happening during daytime in the absence of any check.

A visit to different beautiful places of these two districts of hill state revealed a sorry state. The amazing tourists’ spots were seen full of beer bottles lying openly all roads and on public places. Despite the presence of police, a number of persons were seen inebriated condition on a road leading to Narayani guest house which was much in news recently. They were also seen causing much inconvenience to students who came here from different parts of Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana and other places. As the miscreants seem to be considering their fundamental right to tease any passerby girls and females in the absence of any check. To much apathy, there is no signboard to warn people not to drink in Public places.

The police have to act seriously to prevent consumption of liquor during daytime in public places as drunken driving is one of the cause of accidents and many heinous crimes were committed by the accused under the influence of liquor in the past. Much loved and peaceful state is really in crisis. Last year, Gudiya gang rape and murder case had shocked the people of the state. This year the state has also witnessed a number of rape cases. In addition to it, the state is witnessing 27 accidents every day and more than 1000 accidental deaths every year. In addition to, another major threat for the accident is that there are 682 accident prone areas in the state and pathetic conditions of roads in many places.

It is high time for the state government to act seriously as the crime in the state is on rise. The situation is serious  the Assistant Town Planner Shail Bala Sharma was shot dead by the owner of Narayani guest house Vijay Singh during a demolition drive in Kasauli on May 1. Even an employee of the PWD Gulab Singh who was injured in the same incident also died at PGI Chandigarh on Saturday night. Fourteen persons were killed in two separate road accidents in Himachal yesterday

Recently when asked the Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur about steps the state has taken to prevent the accidents after Nurpur tragedy during “Meet the Press” question hour session organised by Chandigarh Press Club, he has assured the state is doing all necessary things to prevent accidents. But visits to these districts revealed there is much needs to done to maintain law and order situation and prevent accidents.

But besides other things, much of the crime in the state can be prevented if the states act timely to stop people from consuming liquor during day times. The government can launch campaign involving all Panchayats of the state, educational institutes, NGOs. The police also spread awareness among the tourists and locals not to consume liquor in public places during the day.  There is also need to deploy more police on all the sensitive places.

To be continued

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